Pat R

Dublin, Ireland

About Me

I am a highly experienced, results-focussed, and pragmatic senior IT/Business manager, having operated at management level in both Industry and Consulting organisations, across a number of industries, over a 30 year career. I have operated at senior IT management level for over 20 years, with full accountability for all aspects of IT, from formulation of IT strategy, project management, IT operations and support, and staff and team development and motivation.

My Areas of Expertise

I am strongly focussed on the business and customer needs, and continually seek new ways of improving and growing the business, while also delivering a consistent, reliable, measurable, and cost effective service to the business. I have strong project and people management skills yet I remain close to the operating environment and I am as ‘hands-on’ as necessary to ensure the job gets done. I am most comfortable in challenging or ‘greenfield’ roles as these offer great opportunities to drive real change and deliver substantial benefits to the business.


Your Investment Range
€50,000 To €100,000


MVP/Finished Product, Achieving Sales, Breaking Even, Profitable


Education & Training, Tourism & Hotels, Sport & Leisure, Personal Services, Internet, eCommerce & Apps, IT, Hardware & Software, Entertainment & Film, Fashion & Beauty, Technology, Food & Beverage


Border, Dublin, Mid-East, Mid-West, Midlands, Northern Ireland, South East, South West, West



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