How powerful is the executive package?

The executive package is our top offering aimed at companies who want to optimise their fundraise and are prepared to spend money to maximise their chances of a successful outcome.

The package gives you top ranking and exposure in the pitch lists across all our networks worldwide.

That's a potential reach of 258,002 investors both in the pitch lists and in the matching pitch mailouts (where your pitch gets sent as part of a group of pitches to investors with matching criteria).

It also comes with ancillary services like 'Featured Exposure' and 'Expert Review'. These ensure that your pitch the highest possible level of exposure and that the content of your pitch is optimised for generating investor leads.

You will also be assigned a consultant from our fundraising team. They will evaluate and improve your pitch as well as being on hand to help throughout the process.

What if someone told you that you could email your pitch to 4,791 investors today?

Your consultant will also be responsible for the build and launch of your 'Executive Mailout'. This is the principle sell for the executive package.

You’ll get a custom-built HTML marketing mailout highlighting the key points of your pitch. This drives investors directly to your fundraising page and dramatically increases your impression-to-contact conversion rate.

This mailout will be sent directly to the inboxes of all investors registered on your chosen site. As of today, that number is 4,791
on the Irish Investment Network site.

This package harnesses the full power of our network. You get incredible reach and the best chance of raising money.

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