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Angel Investment & Venture Capital News

Irish Inventors set to take the world by storm

T'S 160 years since the Irish scientist Robert Mallet founded the scientific study of earthquakes. Mallet pioneered seismology, when he used dynamite explosions to measure the speed of elastic waves in surface rocks. He was one of the great Irish minds who thought outside the box and developed something new. ALSO IN THIS SECTION Jobs boost as 400 new IT positions for Northern Ireland tech firm Capita Demand for broadband lifts BT f...

European Venture Capital Activity Down 28% In The First Half Of 2011

If you needed more proof that the venture capital industry here in Europe is struggling to keep up, here are some new facts and figures from Dow Jones VentureSource to prove there’s most certainly no bubble in these parts. According to DJV, European venture-backed companies have raised 2.2 billion euros through 447 deals in the first half of this year, a 28 percent decline in deal activity from the first half of 2010. Yes, that...

Irish VCs invested €60 million in 2011 – up 43% from 2010

Irish venture capital firms supported by Enterprise Ireland invested €60 million in start-ups last year, an increase of 43% on 2010 according to a report published Friday. The Enterprise Ireland Seed and Venture Capital Programme 2011 Report showed that the €60 million was invested in 93 separate companies and brought the total amount invested to date under EI’s seed and VC programmes to €614 million. Jobs, enterprise and ...

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Business Plans & Pitching

5 Tips on How to Hit Your Next Business Pitch out of the Park

Conventional wisdom advises businesses to have a good elevator pitch. But traditional “pitch decks” are often dry and static, resulting in ineffective one-way communications. Today more than ever, businesses need to zoom outside the slide with pitches that dynamically engage their audience regardless of whether that audience consists of employees, partners, investors, or customers. Topozoo, a line of eco-friendly toys, knew that ...

6 Free Word Business Plan Templates

There are plenty of free business plan templates available online, but sometimes, what you really need is a downloadable business plan template that you can open on Word and then use to easily plug in all your information.

Although PDF and Web-based business plan templates are helpful, they have their drawbacks. With PDF templates, you...

How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch!

1. Hook them with your Story – 20 seconds. The first thing people want to know is who you are and why you started. Plus, this will build a personal connection with them. People do business with people, not businesses. 2. Recognise the Problem – 15 seconds. Introduce the problem that you want to solve. Make them realise how big it is with stats and numbers. The fact that you have facts will show them how serious you are and the ...

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Fund Raising

Business Angels: The Solution On Where to Find Funding

Where can you find business angels and what do they offer? In answering this question we must know what a business angel is. They are simply people who provide businesses, usually those starting,enough money to move up to the next level.

Their professions range from retirees and doctors to business owners and executives, one may just even be your neighbor. There are over a million such investors annually in the US pumping capit...

3 things to remember when trying to win over an angel investor

The fact that there are thousands of books on investment strategy means there are an infinite number of different investor mindsets. No two are probably exactly the same, but every investor holds to some basic fundamentals, first and foremost: How will this make money?

Having sat through meetings, spent time living with serial investors and enjoyed the insights from some whose picks have been nothing short of outstanding, the best...

Are Super Angel Investors Right for You?

Super angels raise funds like venture capitalists but invest early like angels and in sums between the two, on average from $250,000 to $500,000.

So if typical angel funding isn’t quite enough for your startup, and venture capital seems eons away, super angels might be a good in-between option.

What to Expect

In a world where VC money is the holy grail (and equally as hard to find as the holy grail), super angels are...

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Marketing & Social Media

Top 10 most important SEO & social media marketing tactics of 2012

Unlike a few years ago, the line between SEO and social media is starting to blur. Google and Bing are using social signals more than ever in their ranking algorithms; and they’re not only monitoring what’s happening off your site, but also what’s happening on it. Today, a good SEO strategy is incomplete without a social component, and a good social media strategy contributes to your SEO initiative. Here are the top 10 tactics ...

The Complete Entrepreneur Guide to Google+

Response to Google+, the new social networking platform from Google, has ranged from excitement to groans from people already overwhelmed with too much social media activity. If you haven't yet gotten on Google+, or haven't started really exploring the platform, here's what you need to know: GETTING STARTED ON GOOGLE+ Probably the first thing you're going to want to do on Google+ is review and edit your profile. Chances are tha...

Five social media metrics that your business should be tracking

Publishing content on the Internet generates reams (or, rather, spreadsheets) of data. Creators like you have access to unprecedented information about how your content is received and acted upon.

As data gets bigger, more ubiquitous, and more social, you’re right in assuming that at least some of it is important to you and your business. You’re posting regularly and engaged with social media. But are you using it correc...

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Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

Can an entrepreneur start a business in a downturn?

Bangalore: "Starting a business during a recession! Are you crazy?" You may have to face this kind of question if you want to start up a new company in an economic downturn, as many people think starting a business during a recession is a mistake. On the face of it, it does sound utter insane, but there are opportunities to be exploited. If you look at the economic downturns throughout history, you'll find that most recessions after the...

11 Management Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurs

Question: What one employee management tip would you give entrepreneurs who are building their team? Question by: Alex Take Time to Train Them “Many entrepreneurs have the deluded expectation that an employee should show up able to do their job. No matter how competent they are, an employee will require training and integration time. An added upshot, thinking about employee training cycles and growth paths really gets you thi...

5 sales metrics every startup should adopt

One of the most important decisions to make while growing your company is what to measure to most effectively evaluate success. Too few metrics means you are flying blind, but too many means you are lost in data. The most logical benchmark for measuring the successes of any young company is, naturally, sales. But there are five other sales-related metrics that are worth tracking if you can do it. The following metrics are indicators ...

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