Business angels are private individuals or groups that invest their capital into start-up companies and entrepreneurial ideas in return for partial company management and/or a return on a set amount of the company’s profit (known as an “equity stake”). They often have other benefits for a company, such as experience in the particular sector and often a wide range of industry contacts that can help get your business in motion.

Most new businesses will have trouble getting significant amounts of capital, but business angel investment can help companies reach the next level of financing and expansion. Over the past few years, angel investor groups have formed across Ireland, especially with the recent surge of companies worldwide investing in Ireland, and the market is ripe for new start-up companies to develop. The Irish Investment Network is part of a worldwide network that provides a service to all entrepreneurs and investors. It allows members to find and connect with other members regarding business investments and funding. Thousands of business angels use our network to search for ideas, and we have entrepreneurs signing up on a daily basis.

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