Ireland has become one of the top places for investment in Europe. Due to favourable tax rates, tax breaks that most of the EU do not get, and the combination of the Euro currency and an English speaking work force, many overseas companies (particularly US companies) and investors have looked at making an investment in Ireland. A 2006 study by the IVCA (Irish Venture Capital Association) stated that Ireland was one of the preferred environments for investing in private equity and venture capital. This is great news for entrepreneurs and investors alike, and the increase of available investment in the Irish market has meant that even more entrepreneurs have launched new business ideas that are ripe for investing in.

Investing in Irish Start-Ups

For global investors looking to invest their money in a European start-up then Ireland has a lot to offer with its free trade across the EU and connections to the UK marketplace via Northern Ireland. There has been an increase in business opportunities in Ireland over the last few years and there are many entrepreneurs starting businesses to leverage these changes in the business marketplace that favour trading in Ireland. Money has also moved from the UK where businesses and investors have looked to Ireland to base their business due to its ability to trade easily with neighbouring countries across the EU.

When it comes to selecting an industry to invest in, those looking to invest in Irish businesses are spoilt for choice. Although, traditionally Ireland has been a marketplace that is strong in the agricultural sector (which it still is), there has been an increase in more technology-based companies launching and basing themselves in the Republic of Ireland. Some of the most popular business sectors include, accountancy and finance, technology, creative industries and a large increase in science and pharmaceutical firms operating in Ireland.

This means for Irish investors there is a wealth of different business opportunities available to suit a range of different types of investors. This is great news for Irish entrepreneurs looking for investment to take their business or idea to the next level.

Using the Irish Investment Network

As a result, Angel Investment in Ireland has taken off over the last few years. Combine this with a very entrepreneurial market and you get one of the most open and fruitful markets in terms of angel investment.

Over a billion euros of capital is available via the Irish branch of the Angel Investment Network, which aims to connect Irish entrepreneurs with local and international investors, building the foundation for new businesses in Ireland.

Investors can sign-up with the Irish Investor Network to find projects and start-ups that interest them, and then reach out to entrepreneurs and business founders, to connect with them and begin a business relationship.

Alternatively, if you’re an Irish entrepreneur looking for a busines partner then by signing up to the Angel Investment Network you will have access to a large number of global investors who are looking to invest their money in businesses in Ireland and Europe.

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