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Quality of Irish start-ups ‘improving’ according to influential investor Richard Moran

Mr Moran, CEO of Accretive Solutions, a venture capitalist firm, heard pitches from a number of Irish companies in the Hartnett Enterprise Centre in LIT as part of the Irish Technology Leadership Group.

Mr Moran, who has taken part in the ITLG pitch camp for the last six years, said the work that the colleges and Enterprise Ireland are doing in supporting the growth of entrepreneurship in Ireland is paying off.

Interview with Michael Culligan, head of Ireland’s federation of business angel networks...

How is the relationship between HBAN and the innovation centres?

HBAN (the EBAN Federation Level Business organisation for Ireland) and the Irish BICS have a very close working relationship. In fact the first visible/formal business angel networks in the Republic of Ireland where established by the Irish Business and Innovation Centres and managed by Dublin Business Innovation Centre. The operation of these networks ...

Global angel and seed investment deals up by 375% in the last five years

Early stage venture capital investment has boomed globally over the past five years, according to investment tracking group Preqin, but follow-up series A funding has dropped slightly.

A Preqin report shows that the number of annual angel/seed venture capital investments has increased 375% between 2008 and 2012, while the number of annual series A financings has fallen by 5% across the same period.

Ignatius Fo...

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66 Things That Make a Great Venture Capitalist

When we ask what makes a great Venture Capitalist, we should look at the answer from the entrepreneur’s perspective, because I have not met a VC who was successful by not backing great entrepreneurs.

Of course, VCs have their own internal metrics of success (e.g. IRR or Cash-on-Cash), but these are outcomes of having worked with, and backed great entrepreneurs. There is no other way to getting returns on money invested. <...

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