Ireland is becoming an increasingly profitable and popular location for investment and business ventures. And while the economy has had its ups and downs in recent years, Ireland’s recovery has brought a new wave of investors.

What is an Angel Investor?

When it comes to gaining private investment for your business in Ireland, one of the options available is to get an angel investor involved. These are individuals who are looking to invest in Irish business, projects and start-ups in Ireland.

Some angel investors are successful entrepreneurs themselves who have experience in a particular marketplace, who then leverage their experience and knowledge that they have accumulated to help other businesses succeed. Some of these private investors will want to have a role in helping to manage the businesses they invest in, alongside as receiving shares in the company, in order for the investment to be worthwhile for them. Many of these investors also bring industry contacts that can help a new business grow, for some entrepreneurs this kind of relationship can be beneficial.

Alternatively, some investors just provide financial support and let the running of the company to the entrepreneur themselves. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for financial investment but would prefer a relatively ‘silent’ partner you’ll find there are plenty of investors out there looking to invest in an Irish business who want little hands-on involvement. Typically, the reason for this is due to them having little time to get involved. Often, they have a number of different investments on the go at once and cannot dedicate their time to management.

Irish entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level should consider what kind of investor they are looking for and which will suit their needs.

Using The Irish Investment Network

By using Ireland Investment Network, an entrepreneur can find thousands of listings posted by private investors, also known as angel investors, which clearly describe the investor’s past business experience and sector(s) of business. Also listed are ideal investment amount and level of planned involvement within the business the angel investor wishes to invest in. Because our network is updated daily, entrepreneurs can choose among a wide variety of listings and deal with users around the world.

When a small business owner or entrepreneur uses the Irish branch of Angel Investment Network, they can find a way to generate the desired capital. Angel investors often wish to have a more hands-on role within the business they are investing in, which allows for investors and entrepreneurs to connect as business partners. This means that entrepreneurs are guided by an experienced business person and are imparted with knowledge and contacts that can only come from experience. Business connections such as these cannot be obtained through bank loans or government grants, but rather from using our network.

For entrepreneurs and private investors looking to establish financial connections in Ireland, Angel Investment Network can be the key to fostering good business relations and gaining the best business start. Our network aims to connect Irish entrepreneurs with local and international investors, building the foundation for new businesses in Ireland.

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